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I was standing in a very crowded Cracker Barrel restaurant on Friday, feeling the frigid wind from the door freeze the back of my legs each time someone came in. When the door closed, it was a huge relief, and I felt warm, even though the temp couldn't have been heated enough to officially be "warm" that quickly after the opening/closing door had let in the single-digit wind. It got me wondering if "warmth" is simply the absence of "cold." Is it that basic, that to feel warm, all one needs is the removal of outright cold? My philosophical mind danced down the path further. Are these things then true?
Happiness is the absence of sorrow.
Confidence is the absence of insecurity.
Love is the absence of hate.
Courage is the absence of fear.
Energy is the absence of exhaustion.
Success is the absence of failure.
Faith is the absence of doubt.
Peace is the absence of strife.
Hope is the absence of discouragement.
Satisfaction is the absence of regret.
I am a good teacher when I don't do something badly.
Elias is a good guide dog when he doesn't screw up.
My book project will be beneficial if it doesn't hurt anyone or anything.
I can be an influence for good in this world if I do nothing to harm it.
This list seems very off to me, many of these things being untrue, at least for me. On the upbeat note, it tells me to be content in the mellow, medium times when nothing hugely negative is there, even if nothing hugely positive is there either. Rejoice in the daily, mundane things without needing the mountain top experiences. But, it also suggests that the positive thing is only true when the negative thing isn't present, at all. To me, the positive is more positive because of the negative element being real and sometimes very, very powerful. I was grateful for the warmth when the door closed in Cracker Barrel, and I was grateful to be reminded of it. But, I wouldn't have had a single thought about the warmth if the cold wasn't there, constantly looming and promising a revisit to me regularly. Deep thoughts for this January evening before a new semester starts tomorrow. I march on, reminded by this very post that I am not a surface liver, that I simply lack the skills to skim along without these kinds of thoughts. Ah, such is the construction of this mind! Onward to the next ponderings, whatever they may be.
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