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Snow Days

Two of them in a row! Not as bad a storm as anticipated, but enough to keep us home yesterday and then leave us there today with wicked wind blowing the snow everywhere. I dread the thought of dealing with the ice and drifts tomorrow at school when I take Elias out for relief. At least at home, I have familiar reference points, even though my home is new and is still not old-hat to my sense of layout. However, I enjoy teaching. I enjoyed time not to be teaching too, so I could work on the newsletter, read, rest, start learning a new song on the piano for Easter, and play with my little labby boy. It helps me not to think about stressers like the project and the school board meeting tonight when cuts in programs and personnel will be announced. It is impossible to think in concrete terms when snowflakes are spinning in every direction. So, snow days are just fine. At least we don't have feet of snow like other places. And, it all gets me in the spirit for the Olympics that start in two days. What a wandering post! It is the snow day mentality, the absence of structure removing any practical patterning in thought and writing too, apparently. I'll sign off and go crawl under a fuzzy blanket now, letting everything spin spin spin. Be safe, and try the wandering path yourself sometime. It isn't a bad thing, when you don't have anywhere to go!
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