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Obligations, Faith, and Gold Dust

As the week unfolds, I hold these things on my rather crowded plate: the publishing of the school newsletter I write four times a school year, the last five days of the report card grading period, one more TALE OF TWO CITIES quiz to grade before report cards, the last short story to grade for creative writing before report cards, a very important speech at Purdue on Tuesday, Sub notes for my absence on Tuesday, mild anxiety about how Elias will handle the immense crowds at Purdue and the other service dogs at the event, cycling class tomorrow night at the gym, continued work on my book project, continued work on a piano song I'm learning for church, supporting a friend who retired her guide dog tonight for medical reasons before the dog turned eight years old, the horrid anticipation of RIF letters for many of my colleagues at school as budget cuts destroy the morale of our school and corporation, the continued waiting to see if the local paper prints the guest column I submitted about the budget cuts, rejoicing with another friend who feels the calling to serve a medical mission in Uganda in the coming months, suffering with yet another friend whose many stressers include a possible breast cancer diagnosis, and a multitude of other things I won't mention here. I also ponder a lesson I read in a book this past week, that we often need to just get out of God's way when we are trying to impose our will on everything, blocking the way for His will to enable us to face all He wants us to face. I came across this magnificent quote from Helen Keller that I will use in the close of the speech at Purdue: "True, I cannot see the stars scattered like gold dust in the heavens, but other stars, just as bright, shine in my soul." So, how do I put this all together? The many obligations, the desire to do God's will, and the preservation of the stars that shine in my soul? I think it all only meshes with a deep breath, a prayer, and a recognition that God already knows exactly where He wants me to be one day from now, one week from now, one month from now, one year from now, and one lifetime from now. I need only to focus on Him. Then, all will be well.
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