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When I walked with Elias today, I smelled spring. It might be squashed by a cold and rainy weekend coming up in a couple days, but it is still here and will rise up, even after a squashing. Maybe that is why I like perfumes so much. I know that when one day goes badly and I was wearing a particular fragrance, I can always change to another one the next day, to match my mood and my hope and my expectation. Yesterday in creative writing, we did a smell activity that I always do in my poetry unit with them. I brought six of my most different perfumes in to school. I also brought six of my socks, all different in texture and color. I sprayed one perfume onto the toe of each sock. My students sniffed the fragrances and wrote down both adjectives that described the scents and also memories or images that were triggered by the scents. Yes, the image in the classroom was teenagers methodically sniffing a teacher's socks! Funny stuff! But, their reactions were classic, always the same, lasting, just like the scent of spring and like my own supply of too many perfume bottles. Scents matter. They matter to me. They reflect creativity, mood, and personal expression. I am even now wondering which scent I could choose for tomorrow to lift me up. I wonder if and/or how long I'll hold out until I buy another bottle. It is like an eternal hope. The next scent will be it, the one to keep me holding onto joy and physical wellness and possibility. It will keep me from squashing those things like the chilly weekend that signals the start of a week-long break will do to spring. Oh, scents, come do your magic!
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