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Lifting the load

My Monday night cycling class at the gym was canceled. While I could join the same class on a different night, I am choosing for now to go it alone, using the spinning bike myself once a week and relying on the techniques I learned from two instructors in the five weeks during which I did the class. After all, there is only so much you can do on a bike, and I feel that I know what that is now. Plus, I'm highly disciplined, and I'd sure rather listen to my own music than the rocky selections that dominated the class. With that in mind, I hit the bike yesterday at the gym, along with my ear buds pumping in an old praise and worship CD that I adore. It was awesome, sweat and calories pouring all over the place! As I approached the last song, I felt accomplished. I'd rotated from staying seated and varying my speed during the even songs, and standing on the pedals and varying my grip on the odd songs. The last was an odd song, so up I went. My grip was very low with me leaned over, almost parallel to the ground with my chest. This, of course, lifted my rump up into the air in a less-than-glorious position! I didn't care, until the last song started playing. I practically laughed out loud -- and would have if I'd had enough breath left to do so! The song, done in incredible harmony by a barber-shop-style male group of singers singing along to a snappy beat? "Your load will be much lighter, when Jesus lifts your load!" Okay, I laughed out loud now as I typed this! Yepper, I was waving my derriere in the air while I listened to Jesus lifting my load! The song went on to say that my heart will be rejoicing and that we'll shout alleluia when Jesus lifts the load! The catchy counter-phrase sung in a majestic bass tone? "When Jesus lifts your HEAVY load!" I didn't know Jesus had an opinion about my physical shape! Hahaha! Love it so much that I can't wait to do it again next Saturday, to the same CD on the same up-down rotation! We'll see how long it takes my "heavy" load to get lighter!
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