Kathy Nimmer (guidedogjourney) wrote,
Kathy Nimmer

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I'm broken,
In pieces,
Not whole anymore,
In pain,
In disarray,
Suddenly changed,
In one crystalized moment,
What was one
Is no longer one,
Not meant to be,
Split from the ideal,
Aware with every step
That I'm so not okay,
Held together by adhesives
That don't touch the inside,
That don't promote healing,
That Only cover the outside
And only trumpet my brokenness,
Just as pain sounds a similar note,
Whistling through my awareness
And telling me that life
Won't be quite the same for now,
Slower and harder,
Brokenness does that,
And there isn't a quick cure,
For two to become one ...
This darned broken toe I got this morning must heal!!!
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