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Ten Birthday Wishes

On Tuesday, August 17, I will have a birthday. It is also the first day of school, as it was the very first day I taught in 1992. I thought it would make a fine opportunity to create a birthday wish list for myself:
1. That the year of teaching ahead will be one of successful overcoming of challenges instead of one of succumbing to the tension of reduced staff, increased class sizes, and funding cuts for everything.
2. That the release of my book will be smooth and gentle, reaching those who it needs to reach without sending me into a spin of stress and worry about any and all details.
3. That Elias's work and health will continue to be strong as I continue to accept him for the things he does well and the things that make him imperfect like me.
4. That my faith may grow and spread to be my default anchor in times of joy and sorrow.
5. That my family and friends will be well and happy as they live the lives given them to lead, touching mine in exactly the right way at exactly the right time.
6. That this lovely house of mine will never lose its serene beauty for me, nestled on the shore of a lake whose bubbling fountain and abundant water birds bless me with the sound of peace.
7. That my workouts will continue to be rewarding ventures, even if aging has made softness have more staying power than it ever did before.
8. That worldly pleasures like perfume, good mysteries, following gymnastics, wind chimes, bracelets, soft things, coffee, and tea may be the balm I need when the bumps and bruises of this life feel a little too painful to leave untouched.
9. That I may never lose the wonder of fresh air, long walks, beautiful music, laughter, and sunrises.
10. That the year ahead will be a blessing in all ways, not just for me but for everyone, unveiling itself as a magnificent tapestry of so much, all to God's glory.
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