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Boat Potatoes!

I just read the most awesome book: IF YOU WANT TO WALK ON WATER, YOU'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF THE BOAT, by John Ortberg. I was touched every single chapter, but the lasting phrase that still makes me smile is "boat potato." It is similar to a "couch potato," but it plays into the Bible story about trusting Jesus enough to get out of the boat and walk on water to Him. A "boat potato" is someone whose fear is too strong to let her take risks, even when the call of Jesus is super clear. Geesh, I'm not a boat potato in many dramatic categories. I've gone mountain climbing, distance bicycled across three states, traveled to Russia for a five-week exchange, gone swimming with dolphins, and taught sighted teens in a public high school going on my nineteenth year. I am, however, a boat potato in the things that would seem to be of lesser potato-tempting quality. I fear crowds, being in unfamiliar situations, making mistakes, having my dog make mistakes, flying, being less than slim and toned, and doing something stupid, among other things. For a girl who can step off the side of a cliff or confront a teen with multiple tattoos and piercings, my boat potato-ness is startling when it comes to the execution of daily things, making me wonder why I can trust God in the bigger things but struggle more with the smaller stuff. I adore the catchy term Ortberg used in the book and vow to lean into trusting more than ever before. So, are you a boat potato too?
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