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Book Project

I owe Lilly a summary document on September 30 to outline the progress/status of TWO PLUS FOUR EQUALS ONE, my anthology of true stories by and about people with disabilities and the working dogs who make their lives easier. I just finished the summary document about ten minutes ago, pending format review from my dad. What is the progress/status? The book is due out in November, ideally November 1. It will be available in print for sure and audio MP3 format hopefully, perhaps in Daisy as well, which is an accessible format for blind readers. We are selecting photos for the book right now, one of the last steps before it goes to print. What is my personal progress/status from this endeavor? Hugely mixed: many awesome times, people, and memories that have helped me grow, along with some times, people, and memories I wouldn't classify as awesome but that still made me grow. I've experienced no higher highs and no lower lows than I have seen in this year and a half working on the book. However, the long and short of it is that I am proud and humbled by the end result, a book that honors people and dogs, that has international and personal appeal, that is the very absolute best I could do. And, when it comes down to it, what else is there to ask from anything? There is my summary of the progress/status of the biggest project I have undertaken...ever. Almost, almost, almost...amen.
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