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Okay, God, I hear You!

So, I get the message to slow down! In a sequence following the launching of my new book, here is my health record:
1. A terrible cold immediately following the launch party, complete with lost voice and incredibly bad array of other cold symptoms.
2. A lingering cough that persists even today.
3. Four days of spiking high fevers two weekends ago.
4. A back strain sustained yesterday at the gym, so bad that I had a hard time sleeping and couldn't lean down to tie the laces on the boots I had to wear to take Elias out in the snow that has caused us to have a day off of school today.
I think the message is pretty clear, wouldn't you say? I need to slow down, or I'm falling apart piece by piece, or both! I'm listening, God, so please hold whatever #5 is for some other oblivious person who isn't getting a message You are trying to convey! Off to try to find a comfortable position for this aching back.
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