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A cheap date!

I'm not bothering with expensive and destructible dog toys for Elias anymore. While in my garage getting a box of books, I discovered how to entertain my very interesting guide dog! He has always liked the garage, probably from his puppy days when I picture him following his puppy raiser Dick out to his garage to accomplish all of the tasks that males find so fascinating in that manly domain! Well, Elias spotted the recycling bin I have out there, and that was it. He grabbed the empty gallon milk jug in the bin, and he was off to the races! I should perhaps reference a different sport other than races that imply only running. He did run, but he also kicked, threw, nudged, and pounced upon the poor milk jug for five continuous minutes of noisy bliss. It was rather a hybrid of hockey, soccer, polo, football, and volleyball I think. He was in doggy heaven! It was insanely amusing. When he was finished, the jug was crushed and battered, but the dog was proud and satisfied. I wonder what the recycling folks will think when they see the jug? Oh my, Elias! You turn five in about a week, but I doubt you'll ever outgrow some of these nutso things that give you such character. Bravo, my boy! You are the champion!
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