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A Snoring Dog's Prayer

In a follow-up to my previous entry, I wanted to post the picture I entered of Elias in a cute pet photo contest. It is a perfect match to my ponderings in the last post. I also want to include my answer to a friend's query about what I indeed do imagine that Elias knows when he is snoring away while I am stressing away. Here it is, a wise prayer or perhaps a statement of purpose that I hope I will know just as well one day.
"Life is good. It has ups and downs, but it is good. I won't stay awake to ponder the ups, but I also won't stay awake to ponder the downs. I will rest because there is no need to worry about what awaits when I awake. I am safe, warm, well-fed, and loved. I carry nothing with me as I rest my head upon this pillow except the knowledge that life is good. I am not perfect, nor do I ever truly wish to be so. That role is not realistic, nor is it desirable since so much of life's excitement comes from the imperfect things, the challenges or sudden turns that can't be anticipated. So, I'll just close my eyes, knowing that this world will be there when I open them again, and nothing I took with me to this sleep will be any different than it was before I drifted off. It is well."

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