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Not lost, just stuck!

The new wing of my school is for the hallowed teachers of hallowed upper level subjects, so I'll likely never be stationed out there, but I wanted to get my bearings anyway. Plus, there is a mega conference room With Donald Trump chairs, and it is where technology training is happening, and we have several of those these days as we learn to use our new Eno Boards (don't assk as I'm clueless!). So, on Tuesday, I had a student hurriedly show me how to get to the conference room. I was thrilled that my beloved boy got me back to my room after a five minute exposure to where this wing was. On Thursday, I had a colleague give me the real tour of this wing. Understand that it is about as far from the English wing as you can get, plus it is not directly connected from anywhere, more or less slapped onto the back of the building. My colleague showed me a shorter way to get there through a different entry. I was impressed with the facility and had Elias take the lead back the way the colleague had shown me. So, on Friday, I decided to do it myself with Elias and see if we could get around on our own. I got there beautifully. I walked through it beautifully. I also got stuck beautifully! For whatever dumb reason I do the dumb stuff that I do, I tried to mix the entrances when I should have done all one entry or all the other for our first try: dumb! I tried to go in the way my colleague showed me, and that worked. I tried to go out the way the student had showed me on Tuesday, and Elias and I got in an overriding match! He tried to take me to the other entry, and I tried to direct him to where I thought the first entrance was. I didn't try very hard, though, as some teachers teach with their doors opened, and I didn't want to land up in someone's classroom!! Long and short of it was that I confused myself and Elias so much that we had to ask for student help to get out of there. I didn't let the passing student guide me out, just direct me verbally. At least I managed to save that much of my dignity! And, after a well-intended colleague held a door open for me at one point after I said I was looking for the door, I didn't 100% freak when I found myself outside instead of trotting down the next connecting hallway!! Thankfully, the colleague hadn't completely left, so he let me back in or I would have been locked outside of a building wing I had no clue how to get around outside at all! By the time I got back to my room, my heart was in my throat and I was shaking. I reassured Elias who got messed up because of me. Boy, what we do to these dogs, or what I do to this dog anyway! Once I calmed down, I wanted to go back and try again, so my fighting spirit isn't totally dead, just humbled. I'm going again tomorrow, after talking it through with a student and my afternoon ride. We shall overcome! But, until you are blind, you probably don't know how it feels to be aware of exactly where you are and have no clue how to get out of there!
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