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The showman!

So, I teach as a primary profession, but I do a ton of public speaking too. March held a guide dog presentation at a college dorm, another for sixty 4-h kids, and the children's sermon at church. April will hold a humorous speech at a sorority, a book-oriented speech to Purdue staff members, a book signing, and a chapel presentation followed by classroom visits about guide dogs at a local Christian school. Elias is often terrific at these speaking outings, but this last one for 4-h kids was exceptional for him. The little goofball was on stage like I've never seen him! He wagged so hard when I was demonstrating the position I take next to him that his tail was hitting the back of both of my legs! When I took the harness off to show how it works, he stuck his head through the opening and kissed me right on the lips! When I demonstrated a correction so the kids would know it wasn't abuse, he leaned so hard on my leg while wagging that I staggered to keep my balance! And, when I forgave him for the invisible misdeed that caused the sample correction, he jumped on me and kissed me! When I let the kids file by and pet him off-harness at the end, he rolled onto his back! Of course, he also guided perfectly and then went on an absolute tear when we got home, running circles around my house and being supremely crazed! What a showman!
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