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You never know

Funny how we think we are immune from change, chaos, even tragedy, simply by living a good life and doing what we think is right,, at least more often than not.
Funny how that all can shift in an instant.
Funny how we don't see life-changing moments coming but then remember them in agonizing detail once they have unfolded, even when we wish we'd forget.
Funny how identity is so tied to what we do instead of who we are, then when doing is not an option, we aren't left with much to hold on to.
Funny how taking for granted the little things is such a cliche, but when those little things are threatened, the cliche aspect goes out the door and reality is that those little things should never be devalued or overlooked.
Funny how when something simple becomes urgent and coveted, that we can't let go of it, like keeping the window opened to smell and feel and hear the fresh air, even when it is hot outside or when the rain is falling.
Funny how listening to God's nudging is so much more central once we realize how we ignored it the first time.
Funny how second chances, deep breaths, sunrises, and next steps deserve bells and whistles and standing ovations, though they get none ... or maybe not quite "none" anymore.
Funny how you just never know. You just never know.
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