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1. Yesterday was three years since I had to say goodbye to Raffles, my first guide dog. Hard to believe that much time has passed. A story about his last day was the single writing about my own dogs that I have definitely placed in the manuscript of my book about working dogs who help people with disabilities. I miss him still, but that story will help him live on when the book is published hopefully later this year.
2. We are in the middle of a pretty bad snow storm. Early release from school today and already a two-hour delay for tomorrow morning, with a likely cancellation to follow, in my opinion. Elias is loving the snow and is being as silly as a child when he goes out! Thankfully since I am still staying with my parents, he can go out without me as they can watch him in their yard while I stay warm and dry!
3. Sadly, today brought news to the Kate Mcray family that her brain tumor remains, even after vigorous treatment. She is the little girl who was at the center of the Christmas gift drive I posted about some weeks back. Her family needs continued prayers. Their site is
4. I have lots of students this new semester, including some from Germany, Russia, and Japan. It looks like a fun semester, though grading will be gigantic with 52 creative writers, doubling the most I've ever had in one semester!
5. In my devotions last night, I read about how Jesus didn't go around proclaiming His position and His role. He lived a life of reaching others, answering the tough questions when confronted but using His daily life as a testament to His purpose. I am claiming that as my daily charge to make a difference at school and beyond. When my words can't be direct statements of faith, my actions can be. I knew that before, but I feel even more aware of it now. I hope to feel this intense a connection to that truth always.
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