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Elias Turns 4!

Elias celebrates the big "4" on January 12! He is a champ, good at most everything: guiding, chewing bones, sleeping, destroying toys, running, slobbering water all over the place when he drinks, grunting, drive-by sniffings! I love him, and he even still loves me sometimes! He hasn't even thrown in the towel after I forced him into the picture below for a photo contest that raised funds for GEB. Guess what? Our birthday boy was the only active guide dog to win a prize in the photo contest! What was the honor? His photo was named "Most Out There!" I think I'm proud of that! I might have shared this photo before, but it is still the finest illustration of how tolerant and flexible he is. Can't get every dog to keep his birthday butt on a beach chair for ten minutes!! Anyway, celebrate this yellow guy's special day with me, and give an extra hug to those furry people in your lives. They should be most grateful that they didn't have to wear snorkeling goggles for some stupid photo!

Birthday Boy is Ready for the Beach!
Birthday Boy is Ready for the Beach!

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