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About as unwelcome as wind, ice is a personal enemy. As I type, wind whips and ice falls! Guess who is staying inside? We were not supposed to have much if any freezing rain. We have plenty. Probably, it will be gone by the morning, so school won't be affected, but the wind and ice make me glad to have four solid walls around me and heat to keep me warm. Since dogs see most ice as similar to puddles, Elias isn't superb about avoiding the slippery stuff, though he does slow way down. Here's hoping we won't have anything to worry about in the morning. And, if I want to have a bit of lightness this evening instead of anxiety about the weather outside, I need only remember what one of my creative writing students said today when we talked about creating a fantasy world where what we consider "normal" is not their "normal." He suggested a world where rain was blobs of orange Jello instead of water! Can you imagine? We might see little kids begging to go out for recess in the rain and standing around with their heads tilted back and mouths open, catching the Jello on their eager tongues! I wonder what freezing rain would be in my student's make-believe world: orange sherbet?
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