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Cycling away

This evening, I completed my first ever cycling class at the gym. Working independently on the machines or swimming in the enclosed lane have been my tickets the last few years since I joined the gym to get in shape. But, I was hankering for something new to inject into my workout routine. Cycling, or spinning as some people call it, was the only option for a class that a blind person could do well. I was nervous, but it worked quite well. A friendly student, a friendly parent of a former student, and a friendly fellow teacher brought smiles to my face. The teacher and the class instructor stayed near and gave me extra cues when I missed an instruction. I completed the whole class with plenty of sweat but also plenty of pride. For a while there, I was back in 1995 when I was young and a part of the Christian cycling group that I joined for three states of their cross-country endeavor. I was on a tandem bike there, feeling the rush of fresh air as we did up to the crazy 120 miles in one day that will forever be my biggest single-day physical output. Tonight, I was in an echoing gym with rock music playing and an instructor shouting out commands. Still, the freedom was there. I was less blind tonight than usual, as I pictured the rolling hills of upper Michigan that were part of my 1995 adventure. Though tonight's bicycle didn't go anywhere, I still feel I reached my destination anyway. The journey continues.
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