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Mother Teresa Quote

I am in the busy season at school: April and May where everything that can be considered a partner to chaos comes in and layers itself like a super-sized sandwich in two short months! One way I stay sane amid projects, midterms, tests, preparing final exams, awards nights, banquets, speeches, recommendation letters, end-of-the-year concerts, inventories, parties, book project deadlines, and a myriad of other things is to knock things off of my to-do list whenever I have the time, even if the things aren't high immediate priorities. One task I had on my large list was to prepare gifts for a couple of my favorite seniors who are graduating. I will save the description of my favorite graduation gift for later, but I do always share one quote with my special graduates. It is from Mother Teresa and is simply one of my favorite quotes ever. It is long, but the words are something I myself must clutch closer to my heart daily, and they are definitely something that graduates should take with them, of perhaps more value than even that diploma. Here is the quote:
People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies;
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you;
Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight;
Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten;
Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.
- - -
Isn't that awesome! It gets down to what motivates us, who we are trying to please. I had that quote handwritten into the gift packages of my seniors, and I pray it can be engraved in my own heart today, as well as onto yours.
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