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So, he has enough toys to destroy systematically for hours, enough bones to chew aggressively for hours, and enough adoration from me and others to revel in shamelessly for a lifetime of hours, but Elias still enjoys grabbing my ancient slippers from the back door and running around like a toddler on Christmas morning, not chewing them to shreds but parading his illegal catch for all the world to see! You'd think he'd be more subtle when doing something he is not allowed to do, like nabbing my footwear, but he is as obvious as an elephant in the living room when he has a slipper! It always makes me laugh and come charging in to mock scold him while I chase him around a bit before he unprotestingly drops the contraband at my feet and wiggles with pride over his antics. Hmmm, maybe he is that obvious for a reason, to get me away from my mountain of work and to get me to laugh and to get me to play. Hmmm, I think my dog is smarter than I am!!!
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