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The bank of the river

This week will see me do something I don't do often or well. I will slow down. Medical circumstances will force it, but I am preparing this afternoon to embrace the quiet time. Elias too will have a slowing down segment in his work as my faithful guide dog since I will be unable to work him for probably a month or so while I recover from a serious surgical procedure. Rather than contemplate the difficulty of my coming days and weeks and the pain that will accompany them, I am choosing at this moment to lean into the fact that I will let go of the many stresses and deadlines of a life that is often hectic rather than serene. It shouldn't take a major medical happening to make me appreciate a life of quiet, but it seems that it may be just that, pulling me out of the fast lane and letting me be still. I found a terrific quote by an unknown author. "The mark of a successful man is one who has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it." My river bank awaits. Come Wednesday, I will begin my entire day on the bank of a river, with many more similar days following that. May this be a time of rest and renewal, and may I learn more than I know now about serenity and stillness.
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