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The Amish way of life

I just returned from three days in a part of the state where Amish families still farm, dress, cook, worship, and get around in the simplicity of the past with a focus on living for God without technology, electricity, and modern society. It is an intriguing lifestyle, and it certainly makes one contemplate what matters when you simplify this complicated world. If I stripped off this and that and this and that, I wonder how my personality and commitments would change. I wonder how my faith would respond. I wonder what would be left underneath all these layers of existance that shape my world these days. It goes right back to that "doing" versus "being" issue I pondered a few posts back. The Amish certainly "do" plenty, at a very young age too, with siblings caring for youngsters, running errands via bike transport, and completing countless chores on the farms. But they have a pretty good grasp on "being" too, with pleasant demeanors and an apparent satisfaction with family, faith, friendship, and imagination rather than the clutter that I embrace, including the computer on which I type right now. Yet, that uncluttered state is a little daunting to me.I think I'm a little intimmidated about meeting the "me" underneath all of that clutter, but this little vacation to Amish country has certainly made me wonder what is necessary and what is decore only. Definitely a concept to ponder.
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