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Elias thinks they are evil! A good three or four houses before a sprinkler spreads water across yard and sidewalk, Elias puts on the "no way" attitude and stops dead in his tracks! It takes coaxing to get him up closer before I allow him to take me onto the street and around the dreadful water monsters! This morning, he tried to take me up onto the grass and around, but when he saw that wouldn't work, we had to backtrack to the safe street! Of course, this is neighborhood travel that is easy and free from traffic, but his insistence is pretty firm: "We ain't going to get nowhere near them there horrid wet things, and everyone is gonna think I'm keeping you dry like a noble guide dog, but it's all about me really, and I ain't gonna get wet no way no how!" Thus, the old lady who watched us dodge a sprinkler tonight complimented Elias up and down while I smiled and thought to myself, "You deceitful wimpy baby dog!"
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