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Consider helping Guiding Eyes for the Blind

This is an easy and wonderful way to help the school that trained Elias to be such a great guide dog. GEB is in the running for $250,000! Amazingly, the entire decision about whether they will be one of the organizations to get this incredible amount of money for their programs is based on how many people vote for them in the month of August. The money is slated to go to their autism dog program, but funding for that program will free other funds for their guide dogs, so the entire school will benefit. In these hard times when donations to all charities are down, please consider taking a few minutes each day to vote for GEB throughout this month.
I'll paste in the link. You need to click on JOIN the first time you go to the site. It is a short and simple process to register. Then, once you are in and you hear the complementary sound effects, just click on VOTE FOR THIS IDEA. It will give you a funny message when your vote goes in, like COOL or AWESOME or BRAVO. You can leave a comment on the page about GEB too if you wish. After you register for the first time, you will just need to SIGN IN when you go back the next day to vote again.
A few things to consider. It indicates you have ten votes a day, but that means ten for ten different organizations, only one for GEB. You'll see many different grant levels. Only the organizations also going for $250,000 are direct competitors for GEB. You can get in a second daily vote for GEB by texting from your phone if you wish. You will see in the comments that many other organizations are supporting GEB with the hope of GEB supporters voting for them too. Again, only those in the same financial level are direct competitors, so votes for those supporting groups are a nice idea. Remember that you have to SIGN IN each day before your vote counts, and the successful sign-in has occurred if you hear the sound effect of pouring soda.
If you have questions or trouble figuring this out (not really the most user-friendly site, but not too bad), let me know. I appreciate you considering doing this. It will take a few minutes to JOIN the first time and less than a minute a day to vote by SIGNING IN and VOTING. Here is the link; Elias says thank you:
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