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Thankful for so much

This Thanksgiving Day brings me to much reflection. I am blessed in so many ways and challenged in so many ways. I wonder if the challenges are actually blessings too. I am convinced they are likely the gateways to the greatest blessings. After all, it is not very fulfilling to be set gently down upon a mountain top, as compared to climbing up through toil and exhaustion and danger and despair to finally get to that place. So, as Two Plus Four Equals One spreads its wings and I step back into a role of gentle serenity, may I be at peace in knowing this climb was both loved and hated, but this mountain top is real, and even when the valleys ahead make it difficult to see this summit, I can be grateful to know that this one and others are there, are real, and are blessings, each one of them, whether I can see them or not. Perhaps that is what faith is. Perhaps that is my next expedition: to learn and love serenity and faith as deeply as I was engrossed in this book project. Yes, may it be.
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