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The wonders of winter

So, today is my third consecutive snow day as the winter storm that hit the majority of the country did wonders for us too. We had six intense inches of sleet accompanied by huge winds up to fifty miles per hour. Then, the day after, we had two inches of snow that were blown about by winds up to forty miles per hour. The result? The thickest, meanest ice you could imagine on everything, plus drifts of the fluffy snow on top of the cement-hard ice. I am thinking we'll get back to school tomorrow, but there is no promise of that with the county roads where every one of our nineteen schools in the corporation are located. I've had time to finish up some grading, clean my closet, read two books, send off a surprise package to some friends on the East Coast (well, the package is ready anyway, but we'll just be able to get to the Post Office today), and be more peaceful than I've been for a while. Elias has done well, though the below freezing temps this morning froze his paws just like has happened in the past, causing him to dart to the door before doing his business. He is a poky pottier anyway, and the frigid weather has before been too much for his paws in extreme conditions. So, I broke out the dog boots that Guiding Eyes provided. I put them on him while he was lying down, and he didn't want to stand up! I played with him and teased him into rising, but he stood there humiliated until I dragged him outside. Once he realized that they protected him from the horrible snowy and icy tundra, he went about his business. We'll have to repeat the performance in a bit to get the other "job" out of the way, but maybe he won't fight the idea of boots so much this time since they sure helped him. I have entered a photo of him in a cute pet contest. In the next entry, I'll share it here. It is pretty incredibly awesome, so I hope we win. The prize is one free night at the super bed-and-breakfast I discovered last summer, so I'd love that! Anyway, I am ready for spring, but I see two more chances for snow in the next week's forecast. Such is the Midwest existence!
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