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I'm writing tonight with a wrist splint on my right hand. A few years ago, I started
getting severe pain in my right forearm as I practiced piano. I got through the Christmas performance and stopped playing. The pain retreated and then flared now an then when I would do excessive typing or brailling. Last summer, I did a slow piano piece for church and got through but with pain. In the last three months, it has risen again. I've now had pain with typing, brailling, grooming Elias, doing certain workouts at the gym, and even picking up somethings with my right hand. I finally decided that enough was enough. Hands are just too important to blind people. I saw my GP yesterday, and he strongly suspects at least Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It might be something additional too as the nerve on the exterior of my forearm was a mess too, not just the inner one that is typical for carpel. I have a nerve conductivity test on May 17, a follow-up appointment with my GP after that, and a likely referral to a hand surgeon after that. The surgery is relatively easy, though the recovery is a real bear from what I've read and heard from those who have had it. I'm
okay with whatever this turns out to be. As I said to my GP, my hands are not negotiable. They must be okay, and if it takes surgery to get them like that, then that's what I'll do. The splint is not too bad. I have to wear it as often as I can and definitely sleep with it. So, there is my latest interesting happening! I have three and a half weeks left of school, and I should have a diagnosis on this hand right about when school lets out.
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